Our company was founded by Rob Schrijnwerkers in 1962. In the beginning it was a fruit company with apples combined with a pigfarm. Since 1969 there are berries grown. First they were planted as a test, which proved successful. Each year there was a piece of apples grubbing or land bought after which blue berries were planted. Rob also started to multiply and growing plants for personal use and sale.

Both sons Frans and Leon saw future in the blueberry. In the late eighties they joined the partnership and the company was greatly expanded. In the early nineties, the A73 came right trough the company, and the expansion possibilities were limited. There was a location sought to start a farm for Frans, while Leon continues the company in Grubbenvorst. This location was found in Gruitrode, Belgium. Here were the first blue berries planted in 1990, and the plantation extended to 17 Ha.

In Grubbenvorst the company now includes approximately 24 Ha blue berries, of which 7000 m2 container fields for the growing of plants.

In 2005, we started a new company with Harm Valckx in Weeze, Germany. This company is called Blueberry Giant and consists of 40 Ha containter fields and production fields for the growing of plants, which are sold throughout Europe.