Draper is one of the 3 new varieties. Its a very produktive earlymidseason varietie, wich grows very good. The berries hang in loose clusters, are lightblue, very firm, and a good taste. The berries can be picked in 2 or 3 times. Its very suitable for machinepicking. It can be stored very good due to its exceptional quality.


Its a very strong growing varietie with strong canes. Berries ripen about one week later than Duke, size of the berries is medium, firm with a good aroma. Its very good suitable for machineharvest.


is one of the most produktive varieties. Grows very good with softer canes, they will hang when the berries are ripining. First picking in the second week of July, lasting about 4 weeks. Berries a large, lightblue, with a fresh, mild and little acid taste.


is a latemidseason varietie, the bush grows upright with very strong canes. Produktive, with exceptional large berries. The size is larger than 20 millimeter, and the weight more than 2 grams a berry. Lightblue fruit, little flat, with a sweet aroma. One of the varieties with the best taste. Not suitable for machineharvest and long storage.

Brigitta Blue

is a late midseason varietie, wich ripens from the end of July until the middle of August. The bush grows strong until 2 meters. Berries are lightblue, quality is excellent and firm, very good in CA storage. Needs very good pollination.