First picking about the middle of August until the middle of September. The bush grows moderate. The berries a medium large, lightblue, firm, with a slightly tart taste. Elliott stores up to 8 weeks in CA storage, and is only a little suceptable for anthacnose.


Aurora is the latest variety. It ripens about 5 days afther Elliott. The bush is moderately spreading and vigorous. Beries are medium to large, medium blue, with a slightly tart taste. Storage in CA is very good.


Ripens about one week before Elliott. Vigorous, upright to slightly spreading. Medium to large lightblue fruit, with a medium acid flavor. Stores well in CA storage.


Is a late variety ripening from the middle of August to the middle of September. Vigorous moderately spreading bush. Fruit is medium blue, medium size, with a outstanding taste. Elisabeth is not suitable for long storage.


Ripens from the middle of August to early September. Vigorous slightly upright, spreading bush, up to 1,50m. Very strong canes. Berries are lightblue, very large, a little flat, with a excellent slightly tart flavor. Is not suitable for long storage.