Early varieties


Spartan is a moderate growing plant with very strong canes. It will reach a maximal height of 2 meters. Ripening starts together with Duke, about the last week of June. Berries are very large, lightblue and have a wonderfull sweet aroma. It needs very good drainage.   


Duke is good growing varietie with strong canes. Its one of the most planted varieties now in Europe, because of earlyness, produktion, and quality of the fruit. The berries are firm, big,lightblue and they have a good taste. Flowering is late, wich will reduce chance of frostdamage. Needs good drainage.


Patriot is a normal growing produktive varietie. The bush has open stucture with fairly strong canes wich reach up to max. 2 meters. Ripening starts very early, normally from 1th of July. Patriot gives big berries with a good taste. Its one of the few varieties wich is resistant to phytoftora.