Early varieties


Spartan is a moderate growing plant with very strong canes. It will reach a maximal height of 2 meters. Ripening starts together...Meer informatie


Duke is good growing varietie with strong canes. Its one of the most planted varieties now in Europe, because of earlyness,...Meer informatie


Patriot is a normal growing produktive varietie. The bush has open stucture with fairly strong canes wich reach up to max....Meer informatie



Draper is one of the 3 new varieties. Its a very produktive earlymidseason varietie, wich grows very good. The berries hang...Meer informatie


Its a very strong growing varietie with strong canes. Berries ripen about one week later than Duke, size of the berries is...Meer informatie


Bluecrop is one of the most produktive varieties. Grows very good with softer canes, they will hang when the berries are...Meer informatie


Chandler is a latemidseason varietie, the bush grows upright with very strong canes. Produktive, with exceptional large berries....Meer informatie

Brigitta Blue

Brigitta Blue is a late midseason varietie, wich ripens from the end of July until the middle of August. The bush grows strong...Meer informatie



First picking about the middle of August until the middle of September. The bush grows moderate. The berries a medium large,...Meer informatie


Aurora is the latest variety. It ripens about 5 days afther Elliott. The bush is moderately spreading and vigorous. Beries...Meer informatie


Ripens about one week before Elliott. Vigorous, upright to slightly spreading. Medium to large lightblue fruit, with a medium...Meer informatie


Elisabeth is a late variety ripening from the middle of August to the middle of September. Vigorous moderately spreading...Meer informatie


Ripens from the middle of August to early September. Vigorous slightly upright, spreading bush, up to 1,50m. Very strong...Meer informatie

About Schrijnwerkers

Our company is one of the largest and most modern blueberrycompanies of Holland. Since decades our familycompany grows quality blueberries and plants. The company is situated in Grubbenvorst (near Venlo), the size is 24 hectares.

In 2005 we started a new blueberrycompany. This company is situated in Weeze, Germany, about 200 meters from the Dutch border. The size of the blueberryplantation is 40 hectares, and it has also a modern 2 hectare large containerfield for our nursery. The largest part of our nursery is situated at this company in Germany, where we grow a large amount of the newest blueberryvarieties in different sizes of pots.